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Jameson files brief, again calls for oral arguments

FRANKFORT, Ky. – There was movement today in the Kentucky Supreme Court case brought by former Circuit Court Judge James (Jamie) Jameson against the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission, appealing the commission’s judgment which deemed him unfit for office. 

In June, the high court sent the case back to the JCC to supplement its findings of fact, conclusions of law and final order and both parties were allowed to file supplemental briefs. Attorney Jeffrey C. Mando filed the JCC’s brief in late July, and today, Jameson’s attorney Richard L. Walter filed his, wherein he again requested the court hear oral arguments.

In the 25-page document, Jameson argues that the JCC’s conclusions must be based on “clear and convincing evidence” and that it did not adequately articulate the “specific and actual facts” of record, backing that up with the following:

· The names of the individuals who initially filed complaints with the JCC and the factual allegations contained in those complaints have never been disclosed to Jameson,

· Due process is not required for direct criminal contempt,

· He reaffirms that, based on his research and communications with the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts, his role in the formation and administration of the 42nd Judicial Circuit Community Corrections Board was permissible,

· He states that Judge Mitch Perry should have recused himself from the case due to his connections to Commonwealth Attorney Dennis Foust,

· He provides testimony summaries from five character witnesses and Jameson’s own testimony as to his “good character and fitness as a judge,” and

· Over 12 pages, he cites specific examples of “unsupported conclusory statements” made by the commission in its supplemental findings related to the CCB and its ankle monitoring program. 

In conclusion, Jameson affirms that “despite having another proverbial bite at the apple, the JCC has failed to show by clear and convincing evidence that Judge Jameson committed an unethical act” and that its decision to remove him from office should be reversed.

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Jessica Paine
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