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Reimagining disaster in Hawk’s Nest Tunnel (OPINION)

By Constance Alexander Instead of turning away, the photojournalist is in the moment, following the action to capture iconic scenes that tell a story with...

The story of Josh Gibson delivers a grand slam (OPINION)

By Constance Alexander | April 22, 2024 Dorian Hairston’s poems in “Pretend the Ball is Named Jim Crow” should be required reading for everyone, especially...

HB 509 is still a threat to transparency (OPINION)

Column by Jon Fleischaker and Michael Abate Repeatedly in recent weeks, Governor Andy Beshear has come out in favor of HB 509, a bill that...

There’s still time, brothers & sisters

By Constance Alexander The fact that the Kentucky constitution requires the current legislative session end no later than April 15 evokes images from the final...

HB 509 seeks to fundamentally change the KY Open Records Act

By Amye Bensenhaver The annual legislative assault on Kentucky's open government laws has commenced in earnest, but this year with a vengeance. It is no...

Welcoming the new year, the beginning of life’s next chapter

By Constance Alexander In 1988, Walt Apperson, then publisher of the Murray Ledger & Times, called me to set up a meeting. He had read...

Everybody Has One (OPINION)

By Bob Valentine People are spending a great deal of time and energy these days sharing their opinions with me. A short list of topics...
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